about us

and a few things we're pretty damn good at

Client Partners are the face – or faces - of Penna. They thrive off of building relationships with clients - and they love a good challenge. Because it’s a chance to use their knowledge of our entire business to help our clients with their recruitment challenges by offering impactful solutions - be it a new employer brand, a creative and digital campaign or a strategy to increase diversity.



From crafting adverts and websites, to designing installations and games, there’s not much the team doesn’t do. In fact, our creatives turn client requests into wonderful concepts and award-winning work.


From programmatic and pay per click (PPC) advertising to social media, our digital team produce the innovative strategies that get our clients noticed and in front of future talent. They also tag and track every element, observe media data and analyse all of our digital campaigns.

Our delivery teams manage an incredible amount of campaigns and projects. To do this, they devise strategies for each of our clients, depending upon their needs and requirements, and oversee the implementation of these end to end.

From advising clients on psychometric testing to designing senior leadership assessments, our award-winning division design bespoke assessment solutions for our clients. As one of the largest and best teams in the industry, they strike an impressive balance of ‘solutions that work’ and innovation, all powered by clever psychology and insight.  

Our Managed Recruitment team provide organisations with the support they need to progress candidates through the recruitment process. They sift countless application forms, conduct interviews and make the necessary arrangements to make sure our clients get the right people for the job.

Casting the net far and wide, we use top-notch people to find the finest, most in-demand talent across a breadth of different sectors and levels.

When it comes to very senior positions, you can’t always just put up an ad and hope for the best. With some of the finest consultants in the industry, our Executive Recruitment team secures the right people, at the right time using their expertise and extensive network of very qualified and experienced professionals.

Penna gave me the chance to find my role within the company. That flexibility is so unique and important to me at the start of my career.

Andy, joined us in 2018

the penna family:

getting great work done, together

As you can probably tell by now, we do a lot of different things. And it would be easy for us to stay in our own teams, focus on our own work, and run out of the door on a Friday afternoon. But, it’s surprisingly unique at Penna. We enjoy each other’s company. Because whether we’re finding the very best candidates for our clients or creating advertising magic, we do it together as a big, slightly quirky, talented family.  

And like any family, we believe in educating and nurturing each other. Our Lunch & Learn sessions allow us to spread knowledge across the business. And our internal Learning Academy helps our people to power up their skills and power on in their careers. On top of this, we assign each of our grads and interns a buddy so you’ll have a dedicated ‘go to’ person to offer support in addition to your line manager.

We also like to take a day off every year and spend time celebrating our success. While we could tell you all about our Golden Pear Awards, the sailing trips across the Thames, or even our own festival (with glamping tents provided), watching the video ( hidden in the banner on our home page) is just so much more fun. As you’ll see, we’re big fans of fun.

we live here

Millenium Bridge House,
2 Lambeth Hill,